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1.Biodiversity Hand Book

Biodiversity which is the short word for biological diversity is the variety of living things on earth. Scientifically biodiversity is comprised of species diversity, genetic diversity and
ecosystem diversity. Biodiversity is categorised into three components namely species diversity, genetic diversity and ecosystem diversity. Species divers refers to the diversity of different species whether wild or domesticated while genetic diversity is the genetic differences that exist among populations of a single species due to the genes inherited from parents and passed on to the next generation. Ecosystem diversity on the other hand is the variety of ecosystems such as wetlands, mountains, forests and grasslands where biodiversity is found. Throughout history mankind has depended on biodiversity for survival right from the stone age to the modern time. Biodiversity is the source of food, medicine, cash crops, building materials, materials for clothing, tourism, culture and ecosystem services. All these are very important to human wellbeing including national development and poverty eradication. In economic terms, the gross economic output attributable to use of biological divesture in the fisheries, forestry,
tourism, agriculture and energy sectors is estimated to be in excess of US$ 546 million per year which the ecosystem services derived from biodiversity is estimated at US$ 200 million per year. Click here to download full document