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Uganda has 1,057 bird species about 10% of the world total, 27 of which need confirmation as they are bracketed in the Uganda Birds Atlas for reasons there in (Carswell et.al 2005). Out of the bird species in Uganda 7 are globally threatened with extinction. New species however keep being added to the Uganda list and therefore the total number of species continues to change as additional records are confirmed. There are over 2,250 species recorded on the African continent and the total list of Uganda represents nearly half (47%) of all species recorded on the continent. The diversity is a result of the location of Uganda on the confluence of major vegetation zones at the heart of the continent and good climatic conditions.


Important Bird Areas (IBAs)

There are 34 sites have been identified as IBAs in Uganda (Map 2). They cover roughly 7% of the country area. Ten sites are National Parks, Nine are Forest Reserves and three are Wildlife Reserves. The rest have no formal protection status although 12 wetland areas have been designated as Ramsar Sites. Uganda is at the confluence of six regional biomes and at least two IBAs fall in each of five of those biomes; which gives a reasonable coverage of major habitats.

Threatened birds species

The species of conservation importance are categorized as; Globally Threatened species, Restricted Range Species which includes the Albertine Rift mountains with 24 species, Eastern Zaire lowland with 2 species, Kenya mountains with 2 species and Secondary Areas with 3 species and the several species in a number of Biome Restricted Areas (appendix 1).